About us

Promech Publishing (South Africa) has chosen to concentrate on the engineering, metals and architectural fields. Two monthlies, two alternate monthlies, and several annuals keep our publishing team on the go.

After 24 years, we can safely say that all our titles are leaders in their field. “SA Mechanical Engineer” is the only one of its kind in the country. “Supply Chain Today” and “Bulk Handling Today” lead the pack while “Architect & Specificator” has the largest circulation in its field and continues to gain ground. Then there’s “Skills On Site” which is the only training and transformative publication in the building and construction industry. Readers and advertisers certainly approve.

Most of the team has been in publishing or other media for all of our working lives – there’s nothing to beat the rush of getting great editorial into print, supported by advertising revenue with an efficient back-office operation smoothing the way.

Promech prides itself on being a team of strong players, who drive the brand:

Our team

Susan Custers: Managing Editor

Sunette Janse van Rensburg: Accounts

Sanette Badenhorst: DTP

Louise Cresswell: Advertising Sales (SA Mechanical Engineer, Supply Chain Today, Bulk Handling Today and Architect & Specificator)