“Architect & Specificator” Feb 2020 Newsletter –  From the Desk

One of AAAMSA’s primary means of staying in touch with members and our large circle of interested contacts across the architectural, building and construction industries has traditionally been through our publication “Architect & Specificator”.

However, the internet has radically changed how readers access information. As such, AAAMSA and Promech Publishing have taken the decision not to produce a print publication but rather we will stay in touch with our readership and the industry at large through a twice-monthly newsletter.

Our publishers continue to run the newsletter independently, so the newsletter is the perfect vehicle to ensure that everybody gets a fair shake at disseminating their information.

The added benefit is that we go from an alternate monthly, up fourfold to news ‘hot off the press’ benefiting all readers, AAAMSA members and advertisers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in the print arena and look forward to many digital years ahead.

Johan Heyneke

Executive Director : AAAMSA

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