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South Africa

Promech Publishing has had the privilege of producing and printing four monthly publications and a number of annuals since its establishment in early 1993.

But we have taken the decision to fully bid magazine publishing farewell and embrace the digital space.*In this way, we continue to thrive on what we do best which is disseminating relevant information to an interested and engaged audience.


The two guiding principles of publishing, especially in the digital age, remain unchanged – you need good content going to qualified readers. Interested and engaged readers who are delivered news on matters that directly concern them, are good news for marketers.

The monthly SAMechEng Online newsletter could not enjoy a more qualified audience. Each member of the SA Institution of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE) is sent a copy. These members have to be qualified, they have to be ‘in the business’, they choose to pay up and belong to this voluntary body. Among them are students, graduates, mechanical engineering technicians and technologists.

In addition to its 4 900 members, SAIMechE has a database of 2 300 who have attended SAIMechE courses, technical evenings and other events which, combined with Promech’s database, brings the newsletter’s reach to 7 200.

Bulk Handling

Bulk Handling Today is the only newsletter in its field of interest covering materials handling from pit to port. This monthly newsletter is endorsed by the Conveyor Manufacturers Association, the SA Institute of Materials Handling and the Lifting Engineering Equipment Association of SA.

As an additional endorsing body, members of the SA Institution of Mechanical Engineering are asked whether they also wish to receive BulkHandling Online – half of whom choose to do so.

Thus in keeping with Promech’s long-standing ethos of delivering qualified and quality readers, this newsletter goes to 5 600 bona fide readers in this industry.

Promech Publishing

For over 20 years, Promech Publishing assisted the AAAMSA Group in expanding its sphere of influence through its alternate monthly print publication.

One of the largest print runs in the industry has now translated to the digital space with the new monthly newsletter going to all AAAMSA members and their large circle of interested contacts across the architectural building and construction arenas.

In total, 11 000 qualified and quality readers receive the monthly newsletter bringing increased frequency, immediacy and ease-of-use.

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“While some may bemoan the closing down of print and its stop-gap measure, the digimag, there are many more clear advantages to online newsletters and websites: immediacy; topical; accessible anytime, anywhere; easier to share, easier to save.

“Unencumbered by rising print costs, information is no longer the preserve of the few and marketing opportunities open up to medium and smaller companies in the industry.Let’s all paint together on a broader canvas!”

*  The only exception here are our reference guides which are technical documents rather than a source of news on products and services and do best on the ‘big screen’.

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